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Coworking – a new work trend



It all started in 1995 in Berlin, where the C-Base was born, the prototype of what is now called a coworking space.
It was in 1999 that the expression coworking was adopted by Bernie de Koven to designate places that encourage collaborative work.
And it was not until 2005 in San Francisco in the United States that the first coworking space was created by entrepreneur Brad Neuburg.

Much appreciated by young entrepreneurs, coworking spaces are revealed as the solution to freedom and professional flexibility in the workplace.

Coworking allows those who work alone from home to protect their private spheres and break with isolation.

These spaces promote integration into a community of coworkers with the possibility of forming a network of partners, employees, customers and subcontractors. Coworking offers an opportunity to be able to combine skills, to enrich each other, to create synergies or even working groups in the same professional place.

They offer professional infrastructure at a lower cost. The spaces generally have good secure internet connections, well equipped with furniture and equipment. Offer an open space with "hot desks" and "dedicated desks", private offices, meeting rooms, lockers, a kitchen and coffee area, relaxation areas, printer and scanner, reception service, mailbox... etc while being financially more attractive than renting or buying a standard office, since all costs are shared!

Working in a Coworking space saves you considerable time. Indeed, all the administrative tasks concerning the management of the premises and the equipment are taken care of by the management of the coworking space.

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