Financial diagnosis

check up to enhance your company financial health

Our expertise in financial performance analysis is at our clients’ disposal

We offer a methodical analysis to answer your questions about your company solvency, performance and growth, without forgetting the risks it faces.  

Whether you are in a financial difficulty or simply want to assess your current business situation, financial diagnosis is the most effective way to make the right strategic decisions, balance your financial performance and return to profitability. 

The steps: 

  1. Reviewing activity over the last 3 years
  2. Studying ratios 
  3. Analyzing growth, performance, profitability and cash flow
  4. Mapping the evolution of the main financial structure items
  5. Summarizing the obtained results  
  6. Reporting on your structure’s strengths and weaknesses (SWOT analysis)
  7. Proposing actions and implement them in order to improve your finances